16 September 2005

SISTA (Spiral Kinetik Circus )

hey lil' girl don't you know
what time it is now
I think it's far too late for you to be
hangin' around in town
don't you know it's dangerous
girl i'm sorry cause I sound a bit serious
cause I never wanna see you cry
only wanna see you smile
I think you better
take your pretty face back home now
cause your mummy and daddy are
waiting for you
in everyi lil' thing you do
remember these words that I'm gonna have
to tell you baby..
never let a teardrop fall
from your momma's eyes
hey girl
I think I've told that boy you're going out
with is a .......
cause trouble is his middle name
now you spend almost every night
crying over your love child
I think it's far too late
for you to realize
what's coming your way

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