07 Jun 2006

How to be a good car drifter ?

me myself was not a car drifter nor serious or maniac car driver. just own a sweet and cheap kancil 660 was a very big asset for low income guy@husband like me.
being a serious Initial D watcher, i was aware there are many tips and tricks to be a good car drifter.
Initial D tought me how to a well-prepared, first class thinker, just once in a while turn into maniac driver.
here;s a tip:

1-own a car. any car as long as u not steal it.
2-hanging around with friends who been involve on illegal/legal racing to get some input/advice.
3-search for a proper and safest place to put practice in every single theories you've learned.
4.make sure, anything happen to you, doesn't harm everyoen else except yours.
5.rectify any errors you've discovered.
6 .do it at your own risk, don't u dare mention , you've done this because of gunx.blogspot.com, hehe...
7.teach your downline if you consider yourself an OTAI !!!
8.at your spare time, learn a new technique by watching a racing series, initial D , sorta .... and discuss a bit after that.

...me myself do love drifting but due to some constraints, i rather watch initial D's series and implement it as minimum as possbile to avoid any injuries. look forward if any corporate wanna take me as your racer.. e cehh...

sorry , aku belasah tulis omputih, saje poyo sekali kala...ahaks....

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